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On-Site Full Service Dental LabTraverse City, MI

LoAt Harborside Dental we are proud to be one of the only dental offices in the area that offers our own, on-site, full service dental lab to aid and help our patients obtain the very best result with any dental treatment that requires laboratory involvement. This is a real benefit for our patients that may be having new crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, or a new set of dentures made.rem

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    Patient Involvement & Saving Time

    We control the timing and involve the patient in shape, design, shade, and color.

    Having exact specifications result in a precise fit, as well as an esthetically pleasing smile. This means that when adjustments are needed or required they can many times be taken care of while the patient is in the office. We utilize materials and technology that have been proven by dentists around the world. We do not have to depend on sending the “case” to an outside laboratory, waiting for them to complete their fabrication, or having to return the “case” to the Lab if the color or fit is not right. If for any reason, the color or fit is not perfect we can many times take care of it while the patient waits. These are the key to creating ideal results for function and beauty.

    Quick & Easy Repairs

    Our on-site lab is convenient for our patients when repairs are needed for broken dentures. Most of the time a patient can wait in office while repairs are made. Without an on-site lab all denture repairs would have to be sent to an outside lab requiring at least a two to three date wait time for the patient.

    Proficient Technicians & Advanced Technology

    Between our two Lab Technicians, Tom and Craig, there are 53 years of combined experience. They work with state of the art equipment; both are excellent technicians and have spent many hours keeping abreast of the newest techniques and technology.

    Working on the wax-up for a new set of dentures.

    Adjusting the bite on a soon-to-be-delivered porcelain crown.